Sales and Marketing that Works!


Working in partnership with your sales team to deliver new appointments and opportunities for follow up and close. We build a robust and coherent telesales strategy that allows your sales team to spend more time in front of potential clients.

  • Targets – Agree specific, measurable targets

  • Prospects  Identify and agree target prospects

  • Sales Script – Compose and deliver a sales pitch to target audience

  • CRM – Client access to CRM for complete transparency of activity

  • £ – from £350 per month

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Working as part of your existing sales team to target new prospects and marketplaces. Reporting to the existing sales management structure and focused directly on sales target and profitability.

  • Sales Process – Work with and improve on existing sales processes.

  • Targets – Agree specific, measurable targets

  • New Sales Strategies – Implement innovative new ways to market.

  • Sales Appointments Booked, attended and closed nationwide.

  • £ – from £500 per month (plus expenses)

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Sales Management

Working with our clients to improve their sales teams activity to increase profitability and growth, whilst identifying sales and activity patterns to set and achieve new sales budgets and targets.

  • Reports – Key KPI’s tracked, managed and reported

  • Performance Regular performance reviews for sales personnel

  • Forecasting – Identifying sales trends and forecasting future targets

  • Motivation – Regular updates with the sales team to drive success

  • £ – from £850 per month

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Sales Training

Consulmax’s sales training program will increase sales performance, profitability and the efficiency of the sales team.

  • Profit  Higher profits and increased sales

  • Communication – Improved communication skills

  • Talent – Retain and attract most talented sales personnel.

  • Best Practice – Streamline the sales team to follow best practice

  • £ – from £450 per day

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Consulmax will align your Sales and Marketing activities, our approach will ensure continued sales development and a consistent flow of new business leads for maximum growth and return on investment.

  • Lead Scoring – Targeting and engaging the most suitable prospects

  • Content is King Created to raise awareness and drive enquiries

  • Digital Marketing – A suite of services to support sales activity

  • £ – from £300 per month

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Focused on Results.

Sales and Marketing that Works!

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