Not all clients are a good fit!

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Not all clients are a good fit! Not all clients are a good fit!Many years ago in what seems like a different life, I won a national contract for my office products business, a major national retailer with over 200 locations nationwide.  Competition was fierce, we were [...]

Who is your top prospect

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Who is your top prospect? Who is your top prospect? The big picture of sales can be quite daunting. Call Volumes / Conversion Rates / Follow Up calls, but ultimately when you break it down it's just making contact with potential clients and creating opportunities. [...]

Sales – Simple but not easy!

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Selling is simple, but not easy. It takes a combination of skillsets that most people have but either can’t or won’t use. Hardwork                           - The obvious Knowledge                         - Know your product Confidence                        - Be positive Communication               - More about the listening Dedication [...]

Marketing Ideas

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8 ideas to increase your sales 1. Don't be greedy. If you always try to profit from the first sale, you ignore the real value of the customer. This is a mistake. If you do not invest as much as you could to get customers - you [...]

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