How to avoid cold calling!

How to avoid cold calling.

If you don’t like cold calling, you effectively have 3 options;

1. Avoid cold calling
2. Employ a company like Consulmax
3. Warm them up first

1.2. are easy, 3. Is probably right for your business, providing you make the warm calls too.
Remember, none of the above is sales, don’t try and sell anything, just focus on helping people.

Website – Start writing and compiling content on your website.

Social Media – Open social media accounts and share both your own content and others. Personally engage with as many people as possible.

LinkedIn – Create a profile, start connecting with customer and prospects, join relevant groups and interact with all.

Email – Create an email database and start writing newsletter and company updates for distribution via email

Forums – Some potential buyers will visit relevant forums to ask questions, join the forums answer the questions, become an active part of the community.

There are lots of benefits to this process, but the only sales orientated benefit that you are looking for is that when you make your ‘warm calls’ they have heard of you or your business.

How can Consulmax Help?
Consulmax have been helping customers with their sales processes since 2010, we offer a range of services that will make the calls and follow the sales process for you!

Telesales                        from £350 per month
Sales                                from £500 per month
Sales Management  from £850 per month
Sales Training           from £250 per day

The best part is that our charges always come from new revenue!

Think about that then give us a call 0203 879 1427

0203 879 1427
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