Why Telesales isn’t working for your business!

Why Telesales isn’t working for your business!

There are two answers to this question, the short one and the longer one.

The Short Answer:
You give up too quickly.

The Longer Answer:
Depending on your location, product, service, sales cycle, point of contact and quality of data the amount of touch points to convert a prospect to a client varies.
                                       Contact Points
Existing Client                   1 – 2
Inactive Client                   3 – 5
Inbound Prospect             5 – 8
Referred Prospect            8 – 10
Existing Prospect           10 – 20
New Prospect                  20 – 50

A contact point can include, LinkedIn, Social Media, Advertising, Email, Text, Voicemail. Blog. But must include Telesales.

The figures above work as averages, if you are selling to SME’s and your contact point is the Office Manager then you can expect the lower number, if however your target clients are Finance Directors working for Blue Chip’s then the larger number is a conservative estimate.

Every Email, LinkedIn Message, Voicemail, Advert, Text, Blog puts your name in-front of your prospect, and just as importantly keeps your sales team motivated to maintain the volume of calls required.

Proactively speaking the quickest and usually best results can be driven by contacting existing clients, inactive clients, referred prospects.

New prospects are the toughest to convert, lots of calls, challenge to move from incumbent supplier, but don’t ignore them some of your best clients in 2020 you had probably worked with in 2016.

Consulmax offer a range of services that will make the calls for you!

Telesales                      from £350 per month
Sales                             from £500 per month
Sales Management  from £850 per month
Sales Training           from £250 per day

The best part is that our charges always come from new revenue!

Think about that then give us a call on 0203 879 1427


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