Sales – If you are going to do one thing today, make it this!

Sales is simple but not easy. 

Everyone knows what they need to do, but distractions, excuses, poor time management, comfort zone, lack of motivation all get in the way

So if you can’t commit to selling for your business on a regular basis what can you do today to maximise the return on some sales activity?

Call your customers!

Ask them how they are?
Ask them is there anything else you can be doing for them?
Ask them is there anyone else they know that you could work with?

Then act on the responses you get!

I can almost guarantee you that if you phone your best 10 clients now, at least 1 opportunity will be created. It could be big it could be small but if you don’t make the calls you will never know!

Alternatively, Consulmax offer a range of sales services that will make the calls for you!

Telesales from £350 per month
Sales from £500 per month
Sales Management from £850 per month
Sales Training from £250 per day

The best part is that our charges always come from new revenue!

Think about that then give us a call 0203 879 1427


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