Why is it so difficult to employ the right salesperson?

Why is it so difficult to employ the right salesperson.

Salespeople are confident individuals, some of the highest paid in business and generally any sales vacancy will attract both the right and wrong candidates.

The good news is that you can teach someone to be a salesperson (or at least some of it)

Sales Process                                 – Easy to plan and easier to follow

Product Knowledge                      – 2 weeks in production/accounts/logistics

Time Management                       – Planning and implementation

Sales Pipeline Management       – Online CRM will help organise everything

The bad news is that sales orientated personality traits can’t be taught and are the easiest to fake.

Resilience                                      – All salespeople are rejected many, many times

Drive                                               – Motivation to keep on delivering even when target is achieved

Problem Solving                           – Thinking on your feet, helping customers solve their problems

Integrity                                         – The truth always works out better even when it hurts.

The reality is that the best salespeople have a combination of all the above, but for me I always look for the personality first and the skillsets second.

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