Too far away from the Sales Department

Too far away from the Sales Department

Over 10 years I built a business where I started off in charge of everything (but mainly sales) to being an MD of a £5m business with 50 staff.

I was good at sales, but not a good MD, my biggest mistake was stepping too far away from the sales department. Instead of focussing on sales targets and new business (the real lifeblood of any business) I was caught up in finance, employees and nett profit etc and hardly ever met with clients.

Over the last 30 years I have employed approx. 100 sales people and only 4 would I employ again (Tristen/Faye/Stuart/Craig) the rest either couldn’t do it or wouldn’t.

Finding the right people is a challenge, but more importantly when you do employ a sales person you need to ensure they are delivering on both activity and actual sales, if they aren’t achieving both targets in the first three months then its unlikely they ever will.

A target/review system is easy to implement and harder to maintain. But incredibly effective at making a sales team/individual a success.


Activity        Prospect List/CRM

Actual          Sales Numbers

Monthly / Quarterly / Annual


Weekly        30 minutes (Individual)

Monthly      1 hour (Team or Individual)

6 Months     1 hour (Individual)

If you target carefully and complete the reviews on time every time you will have a sales team that works or a requirement for a new sales team.

Either way your business improves.



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