Who is your top prospect?

Who is your top prospect?

The big picture of sales can be quite daunting. Call Volumes / Conversion Rates / Follow Up calls, but ultimately when you break it down it’s just making contact with potential clients and creating opportunities.

Whether you have a sales team or not, there are always two questions you should ask yourself.

Who is my top prospect?
Why am I not calling them today?

The answer to both questions should be easy and everyone in your business should know who all your top prospects are.

Sales is the only part of a business that is a sport, target what you want and go for it. If you don’t know who your top prospect is (you should know your top 25) then you are behind your best competitors.

If you are not calling your top prospect today, then you either have a reason or an excuse. But be warned reasons quickly become excuses .
Just call them!


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