Sales – What are you afraid of?

Sales – What are you afraid of?

My family will tell you that I have no emotion and that I’m not afraid of anything.

That is only partly true.

Depending on your character there are a few things that are potentially to be feared in sales.

Rejection – This is the easiest to overcome, make the calls get the rejections move on

Knowledge – Learn your product/service

Lack of confidence – Pretend you have it until you do (It doesn’t take as long as you think)

Don’t know what to say – Practice, Practice, Practice. On Family, Friends then Customers

Missing Targets – Don’t ignore this one! Use it as motivation to drive you forwards

Hard work – I can’t/won’t help you

So what if your afraid of all or some of the above or even something else that holds you back from selling.

  1. Find the best performing sales person in your circle of friends or company and ask for help.
  2. Take a training course in direct sales.

Whatever happens, selling should be fun, if it’s not, you are not doing it right.



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