The Rockstars of Marketing?

Bloggers in the 21st century are likely to be the new rock stars, don’t believe me? Ask your children, if they are under 20 it is likely that they are more influenced by Bloggers and Vloggers (Video Bloggers – You Tube etc) than they are by more mainstream stars.

Now becoming a rock star maybe a step too far, and to be honest with you whilst I would like the glamour and the lifestyle, being at home with my wife and children is just as exciting to me (yes she does read this blog too).

But it is not just about being a Rock Star, you can build a blog for your company that is informative, exciting and entertaining , and trust me, get it right and your customers and future customers will love you for it.

There are some rules;

Quality – It’s not worth doing if it’s not worth doing right. If your content isn’t interesting and relevant to your target market, your blog won’t work, it’s as simple as that. Think about what you like to read, which blogs or websites drive your interest, never copy articles or blogs but you can be inspired by them.

Consistency – Write regularly, it can’t be once every six months, there will be some days when the creative juices aren’t flowing (I’m sure it happened to Lennon and McCartney too), but if you don’t write regularly no one will return. It would be like subscribing to a daily newspaper but only getting a copy delivered every now and then. Build yourself a calendar and include topics that are relevant, they could be news articles about your industry, product updates, interviews, personal insights into topics of importance, don’t make them just about your company and its products, include the little things, the pictures of the Christmas party (not those ones)  include staff profiles and pictures of all the employees they will feel like more of the team and your readers will know you are a ‘real’ company. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find things to write about if you really put your mind to it.

Be Real – It’s essential that you write in your own voice , if you fake anything you will be found out, keep it real and keep it honest, a blog is no place for formality and corporate speak. It’s more of a forum a place where ideas can flourish and topics of current interest can be debated. You don’t even need to be a brilliant writer (most Rockstars aren’t brilliant singers), you just need to be able to relate to your audience and give them good content. Expect comments from readers and when you get them respond, interact and engage and show everyone how committed you are to them, your business and industry.

So are you ready to become a Rockstar?

It’s in your hands and it’s never too late, just look at the Rolling Stones!

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