The problem with Chris Cardell

Actually there are three problems with Chris Cardell. (if you don’t know who he is try Googling his name).

The first problem is that he is broadly speaking right, most businesses do not focus on the marketing of their business enough, once you agree with this and admit it to yourself, you are ready to consider the next two problems. This is the short answer, the second one is a bit longer.

The second problem, which is by far the biggest one is ‘Implementation’!

It’s one thing to come up with 77 ideas as to how best to market your business, it’s another thing entirely to be able to implement them. To be fair to Mr Cardell he does point out that just using some of his ideas will help (and they will), but who has the time and expertise to complete even a handful of them when more pressing matters such as employees, cash-flow and customer service are grabbing all of your attention.

Whether or not these ideas make sense is irrelevant, finding the time to learn the basics of the techniques Mr Cardell suggests is a challenge in itself, implementing them on the scale required is nearly impossible.

Anyone who is over 45 and running their own business did not grow up with the type of technology that younger generations have benefited from. A large percentage of the world’s population check their Facebook page before doing anything else on line everyday! If you are not one of these people then it is hard to persuade you why they do it (I’m not and I don’t). Embracing Social Media and the Internet is one of the driving forces behind Chris Cardell’s ideas, but if you are already behind the curve when it comes to the Internet and Social Media, then catching up is a lot harder than you ma y think.

The third problem which can also be a bit overwhelming is ‘Consistency’ you cannot embrace Mr Cardell’s ideas once and then forget about them, the require ongoing attention, commitment, quality, consistency, expertise and testing, fail on any of these factors and you may as well give up.

So what is the answer to these problems?

Overall, the vast majority of Chris Cardell’s ideas are not his, they are re-worked from a variety of different sources and historical marketing campaigns, that’s not to say that they are not good ideas, (most are in-fact common sense) but they require individual implementation and personalization to make them work for you.

If you don’t want to do this work yourself then the answer lies in finding someone you trust and respect to implement these ideas for you, this can be a Son or Daughter (or any family member who has the time and who understands what is required), maybe a keen member of staff willing to take the necessary training to learn the skills required and who has the time and enthusiasm to help. Alternatively a new member of staff, if you are going to commit thousands of pounds to the ideas then you should be already committed to the additional ongoing costs.

The last option (but maybe the best option) is to employ a 3rd party to complete the relevant tasks for you, this is the most expensive option, but also gives you access to their expertise and will allow you to benefit almost immediately from their experience and skills. This option however is not quite as easy as it seems, to be really effective online marketing needs to be genuine, it needs real input and quality form real people running real businesses, the whole internet is awash with fakes, and most people can spot a fake from 500 metres.

The company you employ will need feedback and information, pictures really tell a lot more than a 1,000 words, video’s have an even higher ratio, information relating to your staff, your new products or services or even just the company xmas party album, go a long way to promoting the real people in your business. Sharing this information is critical, your sales people do it every day, so why not share it with the world, there are so few secrets left in the world that if you have one you may as well tell the world before someone else does, believe me in the vast majority of cases the world will thank you for it.

PS: Please note that at no stage do I resent the costs of Mr Cardells service or products, in fact I would suggest that they represent excellent value for money, however the cost of them is almost irrelevant compared with the cost of implementation and continuation of the ideas he promotes.

PS2: If you don’t know who Chris Cardell is, then you should do, Google him and make up your own mind but if you don’t like what he is telling you then you should think hard about the best way forward for your business without him or the ideas he promotes.

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