You want to start an email campaign. You know exactly who your market is and you know what you want to say to them. However, you also realise that the presentation of the information is just as important as the content that you want to send and you do not have the necessary skills to resolve this issue. This is where Consulmax can help.

There are many key factors to a successful design of your mail shot.


Your mailshot has to match as best as possible to the other marketing communication methods you use. Consulmax will make sure that the look and tone of your email matches your website and other marketing materials


Regular communication is much more effective than one-off campaigns. Brand awareness is strengthened and your email is much more likely to be opened if the email is relevant and timely. Consulmax will design your email in a way to encourage a response from each recipient. Calls to action should encourage purchases to be made as well as visits to your website.


Your email has to have a purpose and that has to be made clear by its layout and presentation. It is easy to confuse and misdirect people with an over fussy or complicated email. Consulmax will clear the clutter and focus the email on doing its job which is to encourage positive action from each person who receives it.

Get your mail into Inboxes

You have to ensure that the design does not prevent your recipients from actually receiving your email. A beautiful email which is either blocked or ends up in the spam folder has little impact compared to a more functional email that hits the inbox.

Making an impact and reinforcing your brand in every email communication will lead to better results and more sales – whether you are sending an e-newsletter, special promotion, or simple announcement.

Consulmax has a team of web designers who are experienced in HTML coding and effective email design. They work closely with our clients to create bespoke emails that meet all of the above criteria and ensure that your email campaign is as successful as possible.

It is our aim to ensure your email meets all of your objectives.